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Useful Tips To Choose A Very Good Gaming Motherboard

Useful Tips To Choose A Very Good Gaming Motherboard

gaming motherboardMotherboard is the heart of the whole computer system. It is the part that links all the other areas together and make sure they run smoothly. As a result, choosing the very best gaming motherboard is regarded as the important task that you need to do when building a gaming system. This article is going to teach you how to select likely the greatest gaming motherboard.

Determine which kind of CPU to use

This may seem irrelevant to selecting a motherboard. Actually, this's the most important thing you need to do before selecting a motherboard. The reason being that the type of CPU will determine the type of motherboard required. For instance, in case you pick an Intel CPU, then you have to get the socket 775 motherboard or else the CPU will not fit into the motherboard. Deciding on the type of CPU will help you to come up with a much better pick when choosing probably the best gaming motherboard.

Determine if the motherboard supports the sort of CPU you have chosen

As mentioned before, if you are making use of an Intel CPU, you have to purchase a socket 775 motherboard whereas an AMD CPU requires a socket AM2 motherboard. Additionally, some of the older socket 775 motherboards do not support twin core processors (even though they use a similar socket) or even quad core processors. Check out the manufacturer's site to get confirmation before you pay for the motherboard.

Overclocking feature

In case you're overclocking your CPU, you have to acquire a motherboard that allows you to change the FSB quickness and CPU voltage in modest increments.

RAM help and certainly no of memory slot

Your motherboard must be ready to help DDR2 RAM, for an easy reason that DDR2 is presently the quickest RAM in the market place. Additional thing to take note is the maximum rate of RAM that the motherboard supports. Some motherboards are able to support only up to DDR2 667MHz RAM while the latest ones can help support up to DDR2 1066MHz.

Additionally, you might want to update the RAM of yours in the potential future, therefore your present motherboard must have at the least 4 memory slots and can support up to 8GB RAM so that you have the choice to upgrade in the future.

SLI/ Crossfire ready

SLI / Crossfire prepared motherboard signifies that you are able to make use of 2 identical high performing graphics card to leave the graphics, thus achieving a faster and much more reasonable video effects. Not every motherboard supports this feature. As video effects getting more and more seasoned, it will be before long that Crossfire or SLI engineering gets the standard for video display screen. Hence, even if you are not making use of this technology righ now, it's nevertheless better to get a gaming motherboard with SLI or Crossfire feature.

SATA two controller

SATA2 can transfer data at twice the speed of SATA one. With regards to gaming, each speed counts and that increase in speed may be the deciding factor in the game of yours. A SATA 2 port is backwards compatible with SATA one devices, but not the other way round. It's better for you to get a motherboard which supports SATA two devices. On top of that, if you are consuming RAID, then you've to acquire a motherboard that has 4 SATA two ports.

Extra Features

Chances are you'll wish to consider additional features such as additional USB2.0 ports, firewire, incorporated LAN and front panel LED when choosing a gaming motherboard. Several of the motherboards comprise more features than the other and you've to examine around to see the differences.

Features such as integrated sound and video are not as important in the most effective gaming motherboard since they couldn't contribute well to a great gaming session. For a gaming computer, you've to obtain an individual graphics card and audio card so as to play the most up cannon lake (view) game in the market.


When getting the very best gaming motherboard, it's worthwhile to do a little industry analysis and examine with various boards. Since it is the most essential part in the whole computer system, don't ever scrimp money on it.

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